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Sales Camp is developed by Alexandra Svarre - an experienced sales professionel and trainer with over 20 years of experience in sales management, consulting, international sales and performance with some of the biggest worldwide companies.

”Having trained hundreds of sales people in various fields, I have experienced a lot of different approaches to make people perform better and create strong sales cultures. Sales Camp includes all the elements that are incremental to make a real change- in the mind of the sales person, in the sales culture and of course- in the KPI’s”

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Sales Camp is loaded with techniques, tools, and step by step guides to effective sales communication and approach. It will lift the general sales levels and energy significantly, create enthusiasm about the sales role and will provide immediate results.

Depending on your needs and the type of sales organisation you are responsible for, there are a few different camp variations. Camps can be combined as required and field sales can be included.

Sales Camp Basic:

For the company with new and inexperienced sales persons and a need to streamline the sales process, and create a common sales terminology that also makes it easier for new sales people to join.

All trained sales person will be confident with all the sales basics, from knowing how to approach a new client, book the meeting, analyse the need, defy objections and close the sale in a positive manner.

Sales Camp Focus:

This camp is for the company with more experienced sales staff requiring a refresher of sales basics, to gain more positive sales energy, regain sales confidence and move up to the next level.

All experienced sales staff develop bad habits, that prevent sales and reduce turnover. This also slows the motivation and drive and affects the sales culture in the company. All trained sales people will regain confidence in the sales role, sharpen up their communications skills and see new ways to increase sales results.

Sales Camp Technical:

This Camp is for the company whose sales people have a technical background and a commercial responsibility.

The sales people will get a complete understanding of the role of the sales person and learn all the sales basics. They will learn how, in a natural manner to combine their technical understanding with the sales skills and actually help their customers by selling the right product.

Contact details:
Alexandra Svarre
Mobile: 050 324 5354