On any given day, 146,000,000 fraudulent emails are sent to internet users around the world. As much as 75% of these are SPAM. Millions of dollars have been stolen, countless brands have been smeared and cyber criminals continue to take advantage of our technological age with a very simple tactic: pretending to be you. Take your preventive steps in ensuring your brand, your domains and your reputation remain in tact.

In 2012 the biggest authorities within internet supply created DMARC. Microsoft, Google, Yahoo and Facebook created a standard – a way of proving that email is legitimate and securing businesses and individuals from Spam, spoofing and phishing. Read more >>

This standard is now global – and thanks to H3O it is also coming to the Middle East.

H3O is the sole provider of DMARC Compliant processes in the Middle East. Priding ourselves on being at the forefront of the fight against cybercrime, we will solve your email crime problems before they even arise. 

H3O has taken the Healthy Email Oath – not only will we set up the process, we will continue to maintain it so you stay secure, regardless of changing times.


The following companies are already DMARC Compliant