Sales Consulting

Sales Camp: A unique sales Consulting program

Sales Camp is a unique series of intensive sales Consulting programs. It consists of dynamic and interactive modules, where the sales people work intensively with the sales basics and develop high skills in all areas required to become a confident and highly-skilled sales person.

With virtual sales situations, unique tools and up-to-the-minute sales knowledge , both new and experienced sales persons will gain confidence in the sales role and elevate themselves and their team to improved sales levels. The Commitment Module, where the sales persons work on personal sales objectives and give themselves weekly commitments during the camp, assures immediate results and encourages the sales people to use what they learn on the camp.

The programs includes a lot of role plays, eye-opening exercises and evaluations where the sales people will get closer to each other and build a strong sales base to the sales organization, that will last for years to come.

”With Alexandra Svarre’s training we received the sales knowledge, energy, motivation and support exactly as needed; this helped us to deliver our sales results and gave great value for money” Carsten Rasmussen, Director, IFM Electronics

We do not believe in heavy theoretical one-way courses. Sales people need to learn, feel and experience what happens when we change the approach, change our communication or change our mental attitude towards the sales role. Then results will be proven and will go forward into the future.

We work closely with the Management in order to identify and outline exactly where the focus needs to be and we assure that the organization will truly feel the difference in attitude as well as receiving return on investment.

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